About Us

Milia Light Products came into existence in 1992. The reason for starting Milia Light Products is that, the founder saw several situations of deficiency of healthy products in the region hence the need of Fresh Produce supplies like; Fresh Vegetables, Fruits and affordable Fresh Fruit Juices especially among average earners in the country. He dreamed of a company that could meet these qualities and still run it efficiently.

In 2002 the business started packaging Fruit Juices in sachets and delivering it to institutions and organisations. The company then realised the effect this had on the environment and moved into suppling the juices in cups/tubs in 2004. As the company grew, by 2014 Milia Light Products ventured into supplying mineral water from the famous Aberdares region in Kenya.

We are extremely lucky to live in country that can produce a variety of tropical fruits and fresh water that is purified naturally in Kenya. By having this, we have been able to serve our clients with fresh organic produce and water.


Some of the products offered include:-
i) Fresh Fruit Juices 

ii) Fresh Fruits

iii) Mineral Water


In view of flexibility, we are able to serve big and small clients affordably. That is why we can afford the whole range of services from the elementary production, completion of product to delivery of the same to outlets.

Mission Statement:

 To offer Healthy, Fresh, Affordable and Quality products, doing so on time and efficiently.